Services and Products


BioStrat offers a wide range of biostratigraphic services, including single well studies, multi-well correlations, multi-disciplinary projects, hotshot analyses and in-house consulting. We also provide training courses for biostratigraphers on Jurassic palynostratigraphy and a technical audit/QA service.


Wellsite services - Both acid and non-acid wellsite palynology available for biosteering, casing/coring points, real time calibration to exploration or pilot wells.


Palynological analysis - utilising well-proven, fully quantitative analytical procedures to maximise results. Raw data and IGD delivered in Stratabugs™ format. Hard copy and digital (Adobe™ .pdf) reports included as standard.


Palaeoenvironmental analysis - using palynofacies and Palynomorph Eco-Groups (PEGs).


Multi-well studies for regional and field correlation. We use quantitative biostratigraphic data to interpret intervals of transgression and regression, identify maximum flooding surfaces, sequence boundaries and stratigraphic breaks.


In-house consulting - David Bailey is available to work at clients premises for technical audit, integration of in-house datasets etc.


Training - Short Course on Jurassic Palynology of the Northwest European Continental Margin (2 days). Available in the Lake District or  at client office.


Non-exclusive - Palynological Zonation and Photographic Atlas of the Northwest European Jurassic (2005 Edition). Includes all photographic plates from the 1994 Edition, purchased by many oil companies, including all the majors and government institutions.



Multi-Disciplinary Projects - BioStrat has collaborated with several independent experts in nannopalaeontology and micropalaeontology to successfully deliver a one-stop solution for projects requiring multidisciplinary skills.