Quality, Reliability & Experience


Single Well Studies - BioStrat Ltd have analysed intervals from many hundreds of exploration and production wells. We have also undertaken numerous wellsite palynological services, including biosteering, casing point and TD picks.


Multi-well Studies - UK and Norwegian fields


UKCS - Bruce, Devenick, Harding, Miller, Mungo, Brae, Kingfisher, Rhum, Magnus, Bacchus, Hermione, Tern, Penguin, Puffin, Beechnut, Topcat, Curlew & Teal.

NOCS - Statfjord, Gullfaks, Oseberg, Heidrun, Sleipner, Volve, Idun, Gjok, Skarv, Norne, Åsgard, Hod, Valhall, Ula, Gyda, Tambar, Gudrun, Draugen, Borg, Smorbrukk, Snorre, Lavrans, Vigdis, Yttergryta, Tyrians, Ermintrude, Tordis & Trost


Outcrop Studies - Hundreds of samples from outcrop sections in Scotland, Greenland, Svalbard, Kong-Karl's Land, Central and Northern Siberia and Azerbaijan.


Non-Exclusive Studies - Palynological Zonation and Photographic Atlas of the Northwest European Jurassic.


Training - BioStrat have presented short courses on Jurassic palynostratigraphy to biostratigraphers from major oil companies.


Q&A Technical Audit - BioStrat's reputation for expertise in Jurassic palynology has led to our involvement in technical audits and QA of contractor's data. This service is mainly provided to client companies without in-house biostratigraphers, enabling them to ensure the quality of existing data.


Consultants to the World's Oil and Gas Companies - Today, our main clients include BP, Shell, Statoil and Total for whom we have worked since our establishment in 1988. Over the years we have also undertaken studies for many other exploration and production companies, including Hydro, Marathon, Hess, Fairfield Energy, Unocal, Enterprise Oil and Amoco.


Multi-Disciplinary Projects - For over 20 years we have undertaken numerous single and multi-well studies with Dr. Pete Morris of Microstrat Services, one of Europe's leading micropalaeontologists in the field of Mesozoic microfaunal and megaspore biostratigraphy